• Project Management

    We come, we plan, we manage with you. It is a simple task that requires focus minds. We happen to have focus minds to spare to provide that service.

    How it works:
    We come and assess your needs for a specific goal (improvement of sells, marketing, behavior... you name it). Once assessed we establish a plan to fit the KPIs we set together. Then, we apply that plan with your team and report back to the top management with results.

    Repeat until perfection.

  • Go-to market acquisition strategies

    Simply said, we help your company acquire customers.

    We build/improve our customers’ Sales system, process, activities in order to make sales a piece of cake. Even though we are capable of working regardless of the targeted market, our sweet spot is the Chinese customer acquisition. We have a team of individuals that experienced, lived, worked in China. And for some, are Chinese.

  • Planning

    This is pretty much similar to Project Management, we just don’t supervise. We come every set date to provide you with a strategy based on your needs - Sales & Marketing, Internal projects, etc. -, which would be backed up by some adequate research. The company then has an absolute freedom to apply it all or only partially.

  • Departement & Processes Assessment.

    A cost effective-driven service, we come to cut the costs, or define if they are well used within specific services. This saves money, makes your company healthier, and probably more efficient on the long run.

  • Marketing planning and strategy.

    A service for CMOs and Advertising agencies. We provide Digital strategies, Campaign positioning, Brand review and competitive reviews. Usually paired with a touch of Project management.

  • Startup Scalling to SEA

    You are an innovative Startup and want to access the South-East Asian market? We are here to help, either by finding the right partners or setting the right strategy for you.