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We are a tech consulting firm operating in Hong Kong and in the Mekong Region. We fuel classical management consulting approach with highly innovative tech solutions to bring the best results to startups and ambitious companies in Asia. Our second mission is to empower startups with adequate funding to accelerate their growth in Asia.

Based on strong values

TransparencyNo hidden costs, no topups on third parties, you know what we pay and where we get it from.

ConfidentialityWhat we know about our clients stays between our clients and us. Furthermore, our staff is trained to never disclose any corporate information to third parties.

TrustNo commission, no performances bonus. We do what we are paid for without any other target than the success of the mission.

Innovation as our toolbox.

We provide our customers with the most advanced technologies available on the market that we assemble to bring effective solutions to real needs.
Automation & BotsWe can connect and implement pretty much any process of automation related to your Sales and Marketing - market insight, lead generation, transformation or after-sales - and HR - recruitment, management, training - operations.

They trust us

Hyundai Logo

Hyundai One of our historical customers is the Korean automotive giant: Hyundai. With our help, they improved their overall processes, strategy, sales implementations and even integrated new automation tools for their marketing departments in Cambodia and in several Asian countries.

Speed Pay Logo

Speed PayA newcomer in the Cambodian Fintech scene, co-owned by Malaysian tech firm GHL and led by one of the pioneers of the local Fintech environment. We are regularly consulting them on their market positioning strategy and future marketing plans.

Sousdey and Meal Temple logos

Sousdey & Meal Temple GroupSousdey is possibly the most innovative startup in the Cambodian scene with their chatbot tools. We helped them define their vision and strategy. While MealTemple Group is a more mature company that needed more follow-up for their regional strategy and funding, which we also helped with.

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